Lindsay & Co. was launched in 1943 by Ralph K. Lindsay, master jeweler, and Jerome (Jerry) Hoenig. Lindsay oversaw product design and Hoenig oversaw sales, taking the product line, which began with 14k ladies’ jewelry, across the United States to an enthusiastic post-war customer base. Over time, the company transitioned to make and sell men’s jewelry, becoming well-known for high-quality pieces with excellent design, weight, and finish. Eventually, the second generation of Hoenigs, Henry and David, ran the business alongside their father, who worked at the company well into his nineties.

In 2016, Henry and David chose to retire and sell the business to The AB Group. Formerly Arenburg Brothers, Inc., The AB Group was founded in 1967 by brothers Charles and Robert Arenburg, who began as a polisher and hand engraver, respectively. Operating initially as a job shop, they ultimately acquired several companies and expanded the business, which is now a complete manufacturing facility operated by the next generation, with a specialization in men’s jewelry and accessories.

David Hoenig, former President of Lindsay & Co., said,

“Having worked with The AB Group for the past several years, we are confident that they are capable of producing jewelry of outstanding quality. We know our customers are in good hands, and we are delighted to sell the company to another family-owned business.”

Jason Arenburg, President of The AB Group, said:

“We look forward to continuing the Lindsay & Co. tradition of manufacturing high quality men’s jewelry in the United States, while energizing the brand with new designs, marketing, and greater sales distribution.”

Under the new ownership, Lindsay & Co. has moved its manufacturing operations to Attleboro, MA. If you are a returning customer, please note the new company address:  P.O.Box 546, Attleboro, MA 02703.